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Our Dams & Sires

Meet the rockstars that make it all happen. These are the parents to our Bernedoodles, Irishdoodles and Poodle puppies. 


Jemma is our sweet F1b tri color Bernedoodle who loves to play hard and snuggle harder.  She lives with a guardian family outside of Austin and loves her human and four legged sisters and brothers.  


Breed- F1b Bernedoodle

Weight- 45lbs

Color Panel- Ee, kyky, ata, BB, Ssp, mm



Libby Lou is  full of energy but deeply loves her people.  She loves playing in her pool year around, but quickly forgets how to swim ;P.

Breed- F1 Bernedoodle

Weight- 70lbs

Color Panel-Ee, Kyky, ata, BB, Ssp, mm


Ginger is our sweet and silly goldendoodle. Her favorite pastimes are playing fetch with her favorite tennis ball and snuggling her humans for mid-day nap.

Breed- Apricot f1b Goldendoodles

Weight- 42lbs

Color panel: ee, KBKB, ata, bb, Ssp, mm, FF, ++

IMG_9140 2.JPEG


Ellie is a stunning AKC registered brown and white phantom parti poodle (also known as a brown tri poodle). 

Color panel: Eme, kyky, atat, DD, bb, II, spsp,

mm, FF, ++, 8/10

Weight- 42lbs

PennHip clear


Ruka is an intense red multivariety AKC poodle. She is projected to be about 35lbs fully grown.

Color panel: ee, kbky, atat, BB, Ssp,

mm, FF, -+, 10/10

IMG_0164 2.JPG


Kira is our standard Irishdoodle.  Her projected weight is about 45lbs.

Color panel: ee, KBKB, atat, DD, BB,

II, spsp, mm, FF, ++, 10/10 intensity


Knox is our stunning brown and white phantom parti poodle (also known as brown tri poodle).  He weighs 50lbs and is 24" tall at the withers.  He is working on his CGC certification.

Color panel: Ee, kyky, atat, DD, bb, II,

spsp, mm, FF, ++

PennHip clear

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